Peter Ryan aka TorQue[MoD] - Game Designer, Level Designer, Environment Artist.
Vancouver, BC, Canada. | 604.442.2514 | | Résumé

Personal - Andromeda Wild: Unreal Engine 4, 2015 Professional - Consortium by IDGI: Source Engine, 2009 - 2011 Personal - Blasteroids: Unreal Engine 4, 2015
Acted as Creative Director/Project Lead and created all content in the video with the exception of the space ship and the "Solovant" alien creature. Trees models from SpeedTree. Worked as Environment Artist for Interdimensional Games Inc. Responsible for creating assets based on concept art and from my own imagination. Built in 2 weeks, I am the sole designer of all content shown in the video with the exception of the "mothership" mesh and Sun.
Personal - Various Projects: UDK, Source Engine, Half-Life 1 Modification, 2013, 2007, 2003